Trade Alert Monitor

Trading performance depends on trade management and the knowledge of how to maximise the profit and limit the losses. Trade Alert Monitor makes the monitoring task easier while keeping a watchful eye over predefined butterfly and bond curve trading strategies.

The Trade Alert Monitor is an automated real time strategy manager, built with sophisticated visual signalling and swift alert notifications. The Trade Alert Monitor helps traders stay on top of their strategies and delivers real time entry and exit alerts.

Once traders have created or executed butterfly and curve spread trade ideas, they can easily use Trade Alert Monitor to monitor their portfolio of strategies through a full suite of dynamic alerts across multiple risk metrics categories, which includes the ability to choose from simple yield/spread alerts, to complex types such as spread relative richness/cheapness, and PCA residuals high/lows.

The key benefit of the Trade Alert Monitor is to give traders an executive decision advantage as it enables them to make more informed decisions, and notify them when anticipated market technicals occur in order to enter and exit their butterfly strategies and curve spread trade ideas.